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1.Is it necessary to have prior dance experience to join the group?
No prior dance experience is necessary to join the group.
2.What is the minimum age to join the group?
A member must be at least 5 years old by the start of the season.
3.What is the maximum age to join the group?
There is no maximum age to join the group.
4.When do rehearsals start and end each season?
Rehearsals start early September and end middle of June. Check the rehearsal schedule on our website for detailed rehearsal schedule. Rehearsal Calendar
5.What is the cost of membership?
The cost is $525 per member if paid by October 15th, 2018; $575 after October 15th, 2018.
6.Is there a sibling discount?
There is no discount for siblings.
7.What does the membership fee cover?
Membership fee covers rehearsals and performance costumes.
8.Is there an additional fee for costumes during performances?
No there are no additional fees for costumes.
9.Does the member need additional items for performances?
Girls need pantyhose, makeup, safety pins, and bobby pins
10.When and where are rehearsals held?
Rehearsals are held at the Church of Atonement in Tenafly NJ, click here for directions.
Ages 5—9 (girls & boys) - Mondays 5:30pm—6:30pm (including new members over 9 years old)
Boys ages 9 and up – Mondays 6:30pm—8:00pm
Junior Girls ages 9—13 – Fridays 5:30pm—7:00pm
Senior Girls ages 13 and up – Fridays 7:00pm—9:30pm
11.Will my daughter/son perform on stage the first year?
a)Members ages 5-7 years old will not perform
b)Members ages 7 and up will perform with the approval of the director
12.What is the dress code during rehearsals?
Girls – Black Shushi t-shirt with black skirt/shorts/leggings and ballet slippers
Girls – Hair must be tied back, off the face with headband
Boys – Black Shushi t-shirt with black shorts/pants and jazz shoes
13.What are the means of communication for scheduling updates?
Email (
Website calendar is updated daily for rehearsal cancellations due to weather and all other information
Call the director at 201-747-3880
14. Is a member required to perform at all performances?
No, as long as the director is notified when a performance date is announced.
15.Is there an annual performance/recital?
Not necessarily.

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